because their very existence in the app store is evidence that not only are the brain dead among us, but their idiocy is spreading
  1. Sex Act & Calorie Keeper App
    That's right; an app specifically created to track your specific sexual activities as well as your caloric intake. It's like RunKeeper but for...your sex fitness regimine?
  2. Poop Keeper
    And yes <sigh> that is its actual name and as the name might lead one to imagine, it does not appear to be set up for a scientic tracking of bowel movements. Well, unless you consider selecting cartoon poop in assorted shapes & sizes as a method of scientific data recording.
  3. Sizzl (Oscar Meyer's dating app)
    I thought the dating app that matched you with people based on your app rankings was a particularly egregious example of niche dating apps, but Sizzl goes above and beyond the pinnacle of ridiculousness in matching people based on their ...drumroll please... bacon preferences. Yep. Definitely in my requirements for a partner—bacon compatability.