I have more books than I have shelves and have a minor obsession with creative ways to house them.
  1. This CHAIR BOOKSHELF. To have your favorite reads at hand without even having to get up
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  2. This MAP OF USA BOOKSHELF. I would love to have this in my school library!! You could shelve fiction books in the state in which the story is set, by the state in which the author is from, or even by color of the cover and make a beautiful mural.
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  3. This DIAGONAL WALL BOOKSHELF. Why should wine have all the cool display? A wall of books---yes, please.
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  4. This DR. WHO BOOKSHELF. No wibbly wobbly here. It's bigger on the inside.
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  5. This SCALES BOOKSHELF. Love the simplicity and clean look.
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  6. This DOME BOOKSHELF. This would be a cozy place to curl up and read. Not exactly sure where one would have a shelf like this though.
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  7. This LIGHT TOWER BOOKSHELF. What a beautiful night light.
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  9. This BRANCH BOOKSHELF. Very natural and airy.
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  10. This TREE BOOKSHELF. If the branches aren't your thing you could have the whole tree.
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  11. This FLORAL BOOKSHELF. I love the idea that it commands the focal point of the wall. Various size of boxes...so simple but brilliant.
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  12. This ART FRAME BOOKSHELF. A work of art for sure. The lighting makes this wonderful.
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