My new hood is much better than my old hood. You feel me?
  1. Glazed and infused.
    Bacon maple doughnut and a metropolis coffee. Thank ya kindly mam.
  2. The el - Armitage ave
    Purple or brown. You be the judge. Although you may frown when other passengers give you a nudge
  3. Peruvian connection
    Lama dresses. Lama shirts. Lama hats. Oh wait. They are alpaca
  4. Marquee
    Good beer. Good company. Good luck getting the pool table tho
  5. PAWS chicago
    Who doesn't love saving puppies and kittens
  6. Red Mango
    Horrah for Spring
  7. 7/11
    Just because of Beyoncé
  8. That big tree
    It's probably 500 years old. I hope it doesn't get cut down