When my friend's grandfather passed away I attended the ceremony because I care deeply about her. Little did I know I would walk away with some important life lessons
  1. Take time to remember acquaintances
    Acquaintances are small windows into other people's lives - Like the time I had dinner with my friend and her grandfather- that may seem insignificant at the time. But the ability to remember and feel emotionally connected to that small moment was valuable when suddenly it didn't feel so small anymore.
  2. Don't underestimate the power of home baked goods
    In a fast paced world, it's powerful to receive a hand made card, a home made pie, a thoughtful letter, a post card. It's not just important for the person receiving, it's important for the person creating. My roommates and I baked close to 100 cookies and spent our afternoon chatting and mixing dough. Brushing flower off our faces.
  3. Mortality is a thing
    No matter how hard Peter Thiel hopes, we are far from achieving immortality as a species. Yet I live in my own little bubble of the world thinking it's forever. When was the last time you thought about how it is going to be when you are 90 years old? How will that future society of 2100 treat you? Will your grandson sob as he confesses that he didn't think you'd pass so soon?
  4. Throw parties
    While the loss of this man was huge, the room was warm with stories and laughter. My friend's grandfather threw parties to bring his family together and make them feel loved. Whether the party is a birthday, a friend's graduation, a family member's new job, cinco de mayo, these memories are worth sharing with those you love.