I wear braces.
  1. Cross bite on my left
    Standard, hasn't caused me any trouble, other than that everyone thought it was saliva in 9th grade.
  2. Diagonal molar-to-molar on my left
    Not sure why this was added. Came as a surprise, but is discrete and doesn't hurt.
  3. Cross bite on my right
    Standard like the one on the left, but (my own fault) a lower brace frequently breaks on this side, and this band has pulled my teeth out of alignment.
  4. Diagonal molar-to-molar, second to last on my right
    Cried getting these on. Tears dripped up my face.
  5. Diagonal molar-to-molar, last molar on my right
    This one hurts. It is rotating my molar, spinning it on its gummy axis. Also throws the symmetry off.