1. Grinling Gibbons
    Seventeenth-century Dutch-English carver, often furnished Sir Christopher Wren's buildings. A detail-oriented artist. He would be an unpopular Care of Magical Creatures substitute teacher.
  2. Yolanda Gampp
    The Canadian host of the wonderful YouTube series "How To Cake It." One time she made a cake that looked like a bratwurst with sauerkraut. Interestingly, also a detail-oriented artist... She'd be a popular ballad singer like Celestina Warbeck.
  3. Thomas Middleditch
    An excellent comedian ('Silicon Valley') with an excellent British name. Would be a Hogwarts student, a good Quidditch player, but not too good. Would be petrified by the basilisk.
  4. Jeanne Tripplehorn
    An Emmy nominated actor. Would be a reliable and ethical reporter for the Daily Prophet.
  5. June Squibb
    Kind of obvious because squib is like a Harry Potter word. She'd be a squib, I guess, but she'd be chill and supportive.
  6. Suggestions?