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I'm an absolute shit and my resolution is to finish all of these
  1. The Bioshock trilogy
    Hurts my heart that I am not done with these yet. A+ atmosphere and plot and everything.
  2. The Talos Principle
    Beautiful universe, very philosophical plot. Puzzle-based. The puzzles are quite engaging but the integration of the plot is a bit choppy for me. I'd love to ignore the plot and just do the puzzles but my completionist brain won't let me.
  3. Watch Dogs
    Not even Watch Dogs 2, I only buy games when affordable ie I play them years late. Awesome AAA game and all, but makes my (pretty high-end) laptop burn up haha. Still, with lowered resolutions it is playable and quite engaging, if only I got off my ass and played it.
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because I have been spending my holidays lying at home, not being productive, I have nothing else to list about. however, I did ponder the quirks of my country during this time so here goes
  1. Many driving rules are considered ~suggestions~
    We're pretty chaotic with the vehicles.
  2. In Maharashtra, people play the dhol(a kind of drum) at most festivals. The whole group gets together and practices under a flyover/bridge.
    I love it. The Nashik Dhol is a particular tune which is the best4eva but they also practice renditions of popular Bollywood songs/songs of worship. Fun stuff.
  3. It's socially acceptable to make faces at strangers' kids.
    They deserve it.
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from the book Figure Drawing for All It's Worth by Andrew Loomis. I thought I'd get back into drawing, so I was reading this. He titles his intro an "Opening Chat" and it was really nice. sharing the highlights 🎈
  1. "I have never found a book that stresses the importance of myself as the caretaker of my ability, of staying healthy mentally and physically, or that gave me an inkling that my courage might be strained in the utmost."
    He prefers to account for the personalities of his readers, who are probably aspiring artists, even if it "is not the way to write books"
  2. "It is 10% how you draw, 90% what you draw"
    Always important to feel for what you're working on.
  3. "May I confess that two weeks after entering art school, I was advised to go back home?"
    Everyone starts at the bottom, even Mr. Andrew Loomis who is kickass at drawing humans as far as I can tell.
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things he has legit said to me on text I'm not even kidding
  1. "I got a call at 12 and ended up working till 4 30 in the morning. I opened the system, had a look, and resolved it."
    This is not a perk. He is a dedicated workaholic (who falls asleep in the middle of a text conversation but wakes up when work calls?)
  2. "I have no time. Barely enough for you."
    I asked him to talk to his old friends... Thx m8.
  3. "You're always right. A. L. W. A. Y. S."
    Sometimes I think I'm dating the equivalent of Andy from Modern Family.
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what does one do when studying and listening to music? pick out fave lyrics, yes. lyrics are a high priority for my music, so I'm going to try picking only those that can be understood out of context to narrow the field.
  1. "Like all good fruit, the balance of life is in the ripe and ruin."
    -Ripe & Ruin, alt-j. Such a nice ending to such a nice song that manages to be brilliant in it's one minute and eleven seconds.
  2. "Turning every good thing to rust / I guess we'll just have to adjust"
    -Wake Up, Arcade Fire. Okay I cheated. This one needs context. Sounds pretty lame without it, but omg the feels it induces.
  3. "I wanna be your setting lotion / hold your hair in deep devotion"
    -I Wanna Be Yours, Arctic Monkeys. I don't know if it's supposed to be stalkery, it's always seemed weirdly cute to me.
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idk if there are any fans on here but this is one list I feel uniquely qualified to make. this is an anime that will chew out your heart and soul and do the same to the characters. save them ***spoilers****
  1. Mikasa needs to be happy
    Immediate follow up to that is: Eren needs to be safe
  2. Annie needs to have a redemption arc
    I know she killed people but how can one not want a redemption arc for her. If Jaime Lannister can get one, so can she. Sorry about my #problematicopinion
  3. Reiner and Bertoldt need to get ass-whooped
    Idm them getting a redemption arc but one of them might die. What is non-negotiable is their backstory.
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I wasn't the sharpest
  1. I asked my dad what prostitution means
    He said he'll tell me later. Still waiting.
  2. I got an extra mark by mistake on my Maths paper in 6th grade so I went and told my teacher, hoping she'd tell me to keep the extra mark for my honesty
    She corrected her mistake.
  3. A crow landed on my head and sat there for a second
    I screamed.
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idk why this is my first list but I woke up in the morning and realised too many people call him black or white. sorry, no. he's gray
  1. Not someone to pigeonhole.
    Post The Prince's Tale everyone seemed to pendulum-swing in either direction. Either terrible child-abuser, obsessed-lover or poor baby bullied by James Potter and cheated out of the love of his life
  2. He lies to VOLDEMORT for the ORDER
    Reading the last book again made me appreciate just how cray Voldy is and what risks Snape took. Solely for a dead woman's memory? K BUT STILL
  3. "Sometimes, I think we sort too soon."
    Whatever other issues I have with Dumbledore, this line has always intrigued me. If Snape had been sorted into Gryffindor (he's certainly capable of being brave for a cause he believes in) it makes for a very interesting AU
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