from the book Figure Drawing for All It's Worth by Andrew Loomis. I thought I'd get back into drawing, so I was reading this. He titles his intro an "Opening Chat" and it was really nice. sharing the highlights 🎈
  1. "I have never found a book that stresses the importance of myself as the caretaker of my ability, of staying healthy mentally and physically, or that gave me an inkling that my courage might be strained in the utmost."
    He prefers to account for the personalities of his readers, who are probably aspiring artists, even if it "is not the way to write books"
  2. "It is 10% how you draw, 90% what you draw"
    Always important to feel for what you're working on.
  3. "May I confess that two weeks after entering art school, I was advised to go back home?"
    Everyone starts at the bottom, even Mr. Andrew Loomis who is kickass at drawing humans as far as I can tell.
  4. "Good drawing is a coordination of many factors, all understood and handled expertly, as in a delicate surgical operation."
    It's neither an accident, nor the result of an inspired moment. This will obviously take time to achieve, so hang in there 🌞
  5. "Individuality of expression is, without question, an artist's most valuable asset."
    Duplication for the sake of duplication is - in his words - the most fatal error. Duplicate, but to learn ✨
  6. "Technique is not so important as the young artist is inclined to believe; the living and emotional qualities - the idealisation you put into your work - are far more important."
    It's important to know technique to convey your idea in it's most exact form, but the idea needs to be there first.
  7. "Pull the pen to make your line, never push it at the paper, for it will only catch and splutter."
    I just really loved how he worded this.
  8. "Remember: artists have no jealously guarded professional secrets."
    In reference to young students wanting to work for a professional to observe how they work so they may learn. "He himself probably does not know his 'secret'."
  9. "A woman in slacks is *not* a man in pants, even when she has a short haircut."
    Boy, does he know me. I can't draw men for the life of me 😂
  10. A last quote from my old drawing teacher
    This is a man who takes home drawing classes. He travels from his house to his students' houses on his bicycle. He is in his 70s. And then he goes home to take classes for some more students who come to his house to refer his 370629262 ref books.
  11. He's an absolute badass.
  12. "Gaadhav mehenat"
    Which is Marathi for "donkey effort/work"
  13. Saying that is almost his catchphrase.
    Not one class went without hearing that. 🙈