games I have purchased but am yet to finish

I'm an absolute shit and my resolution is to finish all of these
  1. The Bioshock trilogy
    Hurts my heart that I am not done with these yet. A+ atmosphere and plot and everything.
  2. The Talos Principle
    Beautiful universe, very philosophical plot. Puzzle-based. The puzzles are quite engaging but the integration of the plot is a bit choppy for me. I'd love to ignore the plot and just do the puzzles but my completionist brain won't let me.
  3. Watch Dogs
    Not even Watch Dogs 2, I only buy games when affordable ie I play them years late. Awesome AAA game and all, but makes my (pretty high-end) laptop burn up haha. Still, with lowered resolutions it is playable and quite engaging, if only I got off my ass and played it.
  4. Transistor
    Bought this only two days ago. Haven't started yet, but super hyped to play it. It's just... I should probably finish the rest before I start this, no?
  5. Team Fortress 2
    The game responsible for me finishing none of the others. Soaks up all my game time because it's so damn addictive.