things he has legit said to me on text I'm not even kidding
  1. "I got a call at 12 and ended up working till 4 30 in the morning. I opened the system, had a look, and resolved it."
    This is not a perk. He is a dedicated workaholic (who falls asleep in the middle of a text conversation but wakes up when work calls?)
  2. "I have no time. Barely enough for you."
    I asked him to talk to his old friends... Thx m8.
  3. "You're always right. A. L. W. A. Y. S."
    Sometimes I think I'm dating the equivalent of Andy from Modern Family.
  4. "You should see my new hip hugging pants. Maybe then you won't withhold the compliments so easily."
    ... He's proud of his butt.
  5. "Okay, get back to studying now."
    He's my personal productivity app.
  6. "I am a special kind of lucky, to have you"
    Heart-on-his-sleeve kind of human.
  7. "It's cool. You probably need the break."
    Eternal disciplinarian, breaks character when he realises I'm annoyed that I wasted a day when I could've been studying.
  8. Dates make for pretty pictures because French fries and burgers and that face.
  9. So what are the cons?
    Prepare yourself.
  10. He really does not like dogs.
    Not indifference. Dislike.
  11. I don't understand either