because I have been spending my holidays lying at home, not being productive, I have nothing else to list about. however, I did ponder the quirks of my country during this time so here goes
  1. Many driving rules are considered ~suggestions~
    We're pretty chaotic with the vehicles.
  2. In Maharashtra, people play the dhol(a kind of drum) at most festivals. The whole group gets together and practices under a flyover/bridge.
    I love it. The Nashik Dhol is a particular tune which is the best4eva but they also practice renditions of popular Bollywood songs/songs of worship. Fun stuff.
  3. It's socially acceptable to make faces at strangers' kids.
    They deserve it.
  4. People living in Mumbai are called Mumbaikars.
  5. Mumbaikars both love and hate their local trains.
    Ain't seen crowded till peak hours on those babies.
  6. No seriously.
    That's not the worst it can get but I'll spare you the details.
  7. This is great because the sheer number of people means so many stories.
    Which may be learnt via eavesdropping / making conversation. Mostly eavesdropping.
  8. Oh man local trains are a whole goldmine they deserve their own list.
  9. Street food is universally loved.
    It is called 'chaat'. Which is also the word for lick. Make of that what you will.
  10. When you grow up here you wonder why the children in Enid Blyton books loved sunny days.
    I grew up thinking the girls from St. Clare's wouldn't like me because I infinitely prefer monsoons. Just Tropic of Cancer weather problems.
  11. The people of Mumbai and Delhi have a vague dislike for one another.
    Delhi pls. Calm down.
  12. There is no *Indian accent*
    Sorry Apu and Koothrapaali and whoever the fuck else on American TV. There are north/south/Marathi/Gujrati/Punjabi/east Indian accents for each language. And they're all cool. Also excellent for humour.
  13. Speaking of Koothrapaali from The Big Bang Theory
    His surname is South Indian, has the accent of an (exaggerated) American Indian (I tried to place it as an Indian accent but couldn't), he lives in Delhi and his mom drapes a sari in the Gujarati style. Nice mishmash. Not impossible, but still a mishmash.
  14. You might have guessed I don't like Raj from The Big Bang Theory.
    Or The Big Bang Theory.
  15. Mumbai's trains will unerringly fuck up at the slightest hint of the first rain. Every year.
    It's almost like they think of it as a reputation to uphold.
  16. Mumbai will thank the heavens at the slightest hint of the first rain. Evey year.
    Summers are really hot.
  17. K this has mostly been Mumbai so sorry bout that
  18. I should probably publish this now
    I keep it in drafts just in case more things occur to me but let's just make a v2 if that happens 🎈