Who's got 2 thumbs and wants to use them to help transport food into her mouth?
  1. Waffles
    Essentially an open-faced sandwich! Except when using syrup, in which case they should be dunked.
  2. Lamb chops
    Fork and knife are futile here.
  3. Cake, pie, quiche..
    If it's in the shape of a triangle, I'm going to feel more satisfied eating it like a slice of pizza.
  4. Rice (or any other grains, when you're down to the last few bites)
    Stop trying to push them up against the side of your plate and start being real.
  5. On a related note, those awesome clumps of couscous that form when you're done fluffing
    Must be grabbed daintily or else they will explode. Couldn't think of a more attractive word for "clumps."
  6. Roasted veggies
    A few minutes after they've come out of the oven. How can one resist? Also someone please explain how to cut asparagus.
  7. Sizzling hot fried salami on trip, after you picked it out of the dirt
    Suggested by @hmans