Ending possibilities for The Mindy Project

I love this show so much! I think that the writing is amazing and that each actor is incredibly funny. Although the show may not end for a while, I have some ending theories in mind. It's just fun for me to predict how I think the show will end, and look back to later to see if I'm right (and have proof!).
  1. Mindy and Ben get married
    The just got back together and they seem like they really like each other. Mindy can fully appreciate how great Ben is, he's ready to give her a real second chance, and he gets along with Leo. I can kind of see the finale as a Mindy and Ben wedding with Mindy's ex-boyfriends in the audience. Who knows? They may even jump forward and show Mindy happily married and working even after having a couple more kids to show viewers that this was the right decision for her.
  2. Mindy decides that she's better off single
    Another possibility I see for the show is Mindy having the realization that she is better off on her own with Leo. This might not be a popular theory, but since the show was, in a nutshell, about a girl trying to find love, Mindy Kaling might want to teach her viewers a lesson and show them that for all of this searching, Mindy Lahiri doesn't need a man to have a fulfilling life.
  3. Danny comes back
    This is highly unlikely because of the way that their last interaction ended, but some part of me can't help but wonder if he comes back. When they were last talking, Danny told Mindy that he was marrying so quickly more out of necessity than out of love, and he called her during the wedding rehearsal but she didn't pick up. That phone call meant something. I can kind of see him realizing how unhappy he is and trying to come back to Mindy, but she rejects him and stays with Ben.
  4. Mindy and Jody
    As per the latest episode, Mindy and Ben seem to be having problems, and Jodi is dating someone exactly like Mindy, clearly not over her. They just might end up together.