Albums that changed my life

In no particular order, these are the albums that taught me things about myself and made me into the sad little man boy I am now.
  1. DMX - It's Dark And Hell is Hot
    People always say I look DMX. Me and him are nothing alike, but I feel like people misjudge us both a lot. He was a religious drug-user that loved his dog. He's complex. I'm complex.
  2. The Postal Service - Give Up
    Before I heard Give Up in college, I was really happy to be there. After I heard it I was myself again. When I got a girlfriend I really enjoyed it.
  3. Jay-Z - Hard Knock Life
    Believe it or not, JayZ wasn't really on my radar till Vol.2. His voice and content made him a mentor.
  4. The Weeknd - House Of Balloons
    Sometimes music gets away from you. This album brought me back. Abel's drug use is refreshing and complex. When I hear him I see myself.
  5. The White Stripes - Elephant
    The simplicity of Jack and Meg's music is a muse to me. They weren't doing anything really amazing with there music, but no one else thought of it. I mean, they are incredible musicians and I wish they still made music, but they made it look like child's play and I'm jealous.