Best Late Nite Show Hosts, Ranked

Staying up late hasn't been the same since Jon Stewart left. Here are my favorite hosts.
  1. 6.
    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
    I loved him on his Comedy Central show, but I think he's a real dick on CBS. I mean, he was a dick on Comedy Central but he was also funny. He has his moments. But his interviews suck. And that's all the show really is. I hate when he interrupts his guests.
  2. 5.
    The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
    He's so not better than Jon. Like he's not even close. He's ok, but he's so not...let me not. He has his moments, but overall I don't walk away knowing anything.
  3. 4.
    The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore
    Wilmore is cool. I don't really like the round table part, but he is really funny. And him being black is pleasant bonus. I feel like the show is still making changes. So, it can get better.
  4. 3.
    The Eric Andre Show
    This show is so funny. Hannibal Buress is one of my favorite comedians. And Eric Andre is funny too. The show can be really out there, but it's good. I love when they destroy the set.
  5. 2.
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
    He reminds me of Jon Stewart. He's smart and I get a lot from his show. His sense of humor is spot-on. Rarely do his jokes not miss. HBO is such a good home for this show. It's why I still have HBO.
  6. 1.
    Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
    She is so fucking funny. And she has a real opinion and perspective. I liked her on The Daily Show, I love her on her show.