Best.TV Shows.Ever.

I watch a lot of television. Too much. But I don't enjoy bullshit. These are my favorites shows.
  1. The WIRE
    This show changed the way I saw myself and television. Since I've watched the last episode, I've compared every show I've watched since to it and none have measured up.
  2. Narcos
    The best example of TV outdoing films. Epic television that I haven't seen since LOST. Its ambitious and delivers.
  3. TOP BOY
    From the little I've seen, television from the UK rarely has black people in it. When I found this show on Netflix I binged it five, six times. It's amazing and very, very cool.
  4. Sons of Anarchy
    Best depiction (maybe only depiction) of biker gang culture. The seasons just flew by. They kept the twists and surprises coming thru out. The violence was there but they kept it fresh most of the time.
  5. Seinfeld
    Shaped my sense of humor and sarcasm. I can watch a rerun anytime and laugh.
  6. Money & Violence
    A YouTube series with all heart and soul. The acting may not always be on point, but they make up for it in story and consistency.
  7. Black Mirror
    An updated version of The Twilight Zone. Good anthologies are rare. The stories are original and they stay with you.
  8. Orange is the New Black
    OZ was a great prison show. This one is better. The character development is sophisticated and all the women do a really good job. Piper reminds me of Heinsberg in how much she's changed. And probably will change.
  9. Breaking Bad
    Everyone knows this show changed television. Jesse is one of my favorite TV characters of all time. Walt's OK too.
  10. The SHIELD
    Television characters like Vic are why you binge episodes. He keeps you glued. Villains like him make you hate cops. The series finale is one of the best. Ever.
  11. Batman The Animated Series
    Watched it as kid and it still lives up today. As a kid, I thought it was really grown-up. As a grown man, I still think it's pretty grown-up. Batman is the man!
  12. The Office
    My favorite comedy. Smart and melancholy. I never watched the UK version and I don't need to. This version is all I need.
  13. The CORNER
    From the Creator of The WIRE. This is possibly my favorite mini-series. It's real and it holds no punches. It can be really sad and heartbreaking, but its honesty is unwavering and you can't look away.