favorite hip-hop artists (right now)

There are so many artists. Too many if you ask me. Here are my favs.
  1. Future
    He's not new. But somehow after a year of loving his stuff I still feel like it's all still fresh. I love DS2 like it came out two weeks ago. And his new stuff is always tough. I still haven't heard his new tape with Esco!
  2. Lil Uzi Vert
    This kid is so good. OMG. He's like what would happen if The Weeknd and Future had a baby. Literally. Best of Both Worlds.
  3. Post Malone
    Posty was my guy till he said some bullshit about not being a hip hop artist. Now, he's a guilty pleasure. If his album garbage, I'll never speak his name.
  4. Tory Lanez
    An R&B dude with a flow. Tory got my attention thru his beef with Drake. They have their similarities but Tory most definitely got next. For Toronto, I guess.
  5. Kevin Gates
    Kevin keeps it all the way 💯. I don't he could be fake even if he wanted. His content and hooks are unforgettable. I wish I had gotten into him way earlier. I didn't listen.
  6. YG
    Another guy that isn't really new, but he still so fuckin' fresh. Gizzle so LA. He reminds me of Snoop, how he so about LA gang culture but still has his identity. He's also hella funny and clever. Still Brazy is a breath of fresh air
  7. Bryson Tiller
    Got into this dude way late. Another R&B dude that sings like Drake but leans more on the singing side. He's very good and American. I don't love all his stuff but the stuff I do like took me a while to really get into. But now I can't stop thinking about them.
  8. Kodak Black
    The Finesse Kid. I fux with Kodak. Not all his stuff but his content and voice reminds me of my youth. He's locked up now, but he'll be out and then everyone will know his name.
  9. Kap G
    I forgot about this dude. He had a freestyle over Drake's 0 to 100 that had my full attention last year but then I got distracted by Young Thug. He has a song called GirlFriend that brought me back around. His Mexican identity has me curious.
  10. Belly
    Another Toronto dude. This The Weeknd guy. I'm not sure about paper work, but I know they fuck with each other like friends more or less. He's good. His debut Another Day in Paradise is really well-done.
  11. Young Thug
    Thugga is definitely not new, but because he's only had mixtapes I don't feel like I know him as an artist. I wanna know more. But he's losing my interest slowly.