Things I'll do while the whole city is away on Memorial Day

In NYC the streets seem emptier on holidays like Memorial Day. I'm not going anywhere, so these are the things I'll enjoy while the city's away.
  1. Go to Central Park.
    Usually you can't walk anywhere in the park without running into a mouth-breather and their kid. I'm gonna read a book and enjoy it being quiet.
  2. Got to MILK Bar
    That place is always crowded with people and it's a fucking shoe-box. I plan on having a Cereal milk shake and stretching my arms out wide.
  3. Take pictures in public.
    Whenever I take photos outside, people always look at me like 'what are you doing?' This weekend I'm gonna selfie everywhere. In the bodega, Starbucks, on the sidewalk and anywhere else that I feel like being a dick with a camera phone
  4. See X-Men: Apocalypse
    I'm gonna go early, so it doesn't cost me a hundred bucks. But in addition to it being cheap, there shouldn't be a shitload of people. I hope. It's still gonna be crazy, but it's shouldn't be super crowded.
  5. Take my mom to the airport
    She's going away and I'm looking forward to it. Traffic shouldn't be crazy. I'm dropping her off in the middle of the night. But I hate Queens. So, maybe that'll suck regardless.
  6. Smoke Pot outside.
    I'm usually to scared, because you know it's "sorta" illegal. But last year I saw stoners everywhere. And I smelled weed everywhere. I'm gonna try it. This might be my last list.