I'm a cleaner for Handy. Basically, I'm an "Uber-like" housekeeper. I clean tons of apartments in NYC and I've seen some things.
  1. A lot of people don't own toilet brushes.
    I just always thought that if you had a toilet you had to have a toilet brush.
  2. People use there dishwashers as drying racks.
    Like they'll do the dishes then put the dishes in the dishwasher to dry. Blew my mind 🤔🔫
  3. Everybody (But me) reuses Chinese food containers as Tupperware.
    I might have one in a cabinet somewhere, but I really try to throw that shit out. I've seen stacks of used containers and tops. I mean, where does it end.
  4. (Most) Doormen are assholes.
    This goes for door women too, if that's what they're called. Why are they so bitter? They open doors and receive packages. WTF?