Inspired by @amandagurock
  1. "Bong rips?"
    I love taking hits from the bong.
  2. "I listened to your podcast"
    My podcast is the coolest thing I do. I want and need people to listen to it. I want feedback, but I'll settle for anyone just telling me they listened to it.
  3. "You're over 30 and you still smoke pot? Me too."
    All my friends either have kids and don't have the time to smoke. Or they have jobs that don't allow them to smoke weed everyday. They suck.
  4. "You're on too?"
    None of my friends are on here yet. And I know they would love it. But they never wanna listen to me.
  5. "We don't have to smoke any of your stuff. I've got more than enough."
    I'd rather smoke your shit than mine.
  6. "You collect stickers? That's so cool."
    Stickers are my shit. But I feel like it's a childish obsession.
  7. "OMG, I love you're Twitter account."
    I love Twitter, but sometimes I feel like it don't love me back.