This one is for @mindy
  1. Melted cheese on toast puffing under the broiler in mom's kitchen
  2. Poutine on the top of mount saint anne Quebec: hot velvety gravy over crisp fries and that insane cheese in a permanent stage of just melting
  3. Boldly pulling up to a McDonald's drive in and Ordering the number 2 (two cheeseburgers fries supersized) with a side of ten nuggets extra bbq sauce; ice cream sundae hot fudge no nuts (R the nuts real?)
  4. Pepe's clam pizza in New Haven; never having tried Marta
  5. Piney flats bbq North Carolina
  6. A steak, rare and bloody, at Wolfgang's in nyc
  7. Never eating ice cream again-- lord why hath thou forsaken me?
  8. Bacon egg and cheese on a buttered and toasted hard roll-- there might be nothing better
  9. Except-- a bacon sandwich on a plain bagel from H&H
  10. Greasy anything
  11. Parm on pasta