@lenadunham and @bjnovak asked me to do a list of not-boring ways to fight poverty. This is stab at one.
  1. Watch Lilya 4-Ever.
    A blazing masterpiece though it hurts like crazy. And for the rest of your life, you'll flight like crazy to end sex-trafficking, a great scourge of poverty.
  2. Ask the companies you use to pay, not avoid, their taxes. They LOVE hearing from their customers.
  3. Listen to the songs of the great English eccentric Gilbert O'Sullivan - whose greatest hits had the worst ever album title - the Berry Vest of Gilbert O'Sullivan.
    Alone Again, Naturally, If I Don’t Get You Back Again, We Will - are all beautiful, and then in the middle of Nothing Rhymed, you’ll hear these words “When I’m drinking my Buonaparte Shandy and eating more than enough apple pie - will I glance at my screen and see real human beings starve to death right in front of my eyes."
  4. Join @globalcitizen - you help change the world and then you get to see a free concert.
  5. Eat delicious things that happen to be fairly traded.
  6. Vote for whichever political party is going to fight more for the poor.
  7. Travel to the fabulous countries where people are really poor. And look around. And see how people live and how wonderful they are.
  8. Read ‘Break the Chains’ - a gripping book about the fight against the slave trade - which shows big battles can and will be won.
    It’s about my hero Thomas Clarkson, who as a young man wrote a essay about slavery to win a University prize and then one day suddenly realised it was all actually happening and wrote ‘A thought came into my mind... that if the contents of the Essay were true, it was time some person should see these calamities to their end.'
  9. And then I’d love if you could watch Red Nose Day today - laugh, I hope, at Julia Roberts and Billy Eichner and Anna Kendrick and Will Ferrell and Coldplay’s terrible Game of Thrones Musical. And then maybe think about your credit card when Jack Black and Michelle Rodriguez come on.
    It's on NBC at 8pm tonight - just in case you forgot.