I love lists. So I am thrilled to be here. Starting with a list of my lists.
  1. My first list has just two names on it - Mandy and Bindy. And whichever of my two sisters was nicest to me on any given day, they went straight to number 1.
  2. Then I went crazy about pop. I'm still obsessed by that great pop list - the top 40.
    When I was at boarding school, my best friend Richard Griffiths and I used to sneak into the musical rehearsal room every Sunday at 6, missing chapel and risking expulsion, to listen to Alan Freeman on Pick of the Pops. I'll never forget the excitement of the day when Reach Out I'll Be There went straight from No 16 to No 1. Richard is now manager of One Direction. I'm still just listening to the list.
  3. Then there were the lists of famous women I loved. Julie Andrews, Judy Geeson, Linda Ronstadt, Sylvia Kristel, Joni Mitchell, Lesley Anne-Down - too shy to do the whole list, someone reading might be on it.
  4. And of course the movie lists - my top 10 films, my top 10 Marlon Brando films, now my top 10 films since 2000.
    It's so dangerous hanging on to your original top 10 - so many people forget to refresh their list and stock solely to movies they saw between the age of 18 and 23.
  5. Then the lists to prove a point - the list of comedy performances that should have won Oscars - where was Will Ferrell in Elf that year? Christopher Guest in Spinal Tap? Charles Grodin in The Heartbreak Kid?
  6. And more music ones - my list of the greatest 10 pop songs in history is now 178 songs long. The top ten songs by the Waterboys, the Killers, the Proclaimers, the Bee Gees, Kate Bush.
  7. And at university - my top ten best friends, where weirdly I would secretly reward people for being nice by them shooting up to the top slot with a bullet, till Carolyn got stuck at number 1 and it all became unnecessary.
  8. And now, bliss, I'll start my top 10 lists on the list app...