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    Just kidding
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    Also 2005
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I originally wrote this here: http://qr.ae/RkuUqK
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    It's a good product. The market for seltzer water is basically store brands and San Pellegrino, which is really overpriced. It's the first good flavored soda water, and the price point is reasonable. But it's not just a take on seltzer water, it's also a substitute for sugary soft drinks if you're health conscious, which is important because…
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    It's the right timing. LaCroix has been around for 25 years, but only over the last 5-10 years has the US become acutely health conscious, particularly about soda / Coke. The Whole Foods crowd buys LaCroix in bulk.
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    To seal the deal, the packaging looks dated and bad, which means that hipsters love it. It doesn't look mainstream at all, which only adds to the appeal; it feels like a hidden gem, or an indie brand.
I didn't eat dinner either
  1. Grubstake
    Opens at 5pm, closes at 4am. Good diner food without a cheesy atmosphere.
  2. Absinthe
    Bar food until midnight. Incidentally one of my fav burgers in SF.
  3. Alta CA
    They have a late night menu until 2am. Not sure when it starts.
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  1. I murder a snake person
  2. Shoveling for what feels like hours
  3. My car is rolling over
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