I know I am not supposed to admit these
  1. SOME LIKE IT HOT isn't funny
  2. BODY HEAT is better than DOUBLE INDEMNITY
  3. CHARLIE CHAPLIN is to be admired but isn't remotely humorous
  4. WHAT'S UP DOC is better than BRINGING UP BABY
  5. No one wants to ever watch Best Picture winners GANDHI or CHARIOTS OF FIRE,
    Doubt me. I dare you to watch either tonight.
  6. No one likes more than 30% of Woody Allen's last 20 films.
    Most of his fans haven't even seen most of them.
  7. I don't get why people love SPACEBALLS or HOCUS POCUS
    So You Had to Be There
  8. THE PHILADELPHIA STORY and HIS GIRL FRIDAY aren't as witty and charming as we remember them being
  9. SUPERMAN: THE MOTION PICTURE is largely unwatchable nowadays.
    The Brando stuff is stiff and pompous and the Hackman/Beatty stuff is icky.
  10. Between IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD and 1941 there are are about 30 minutes of laughs within endless hours of annoyance.
  11. Stop telling me how CHINATOWN is the perfect screenplay.
    It's good, but not the be all.
  12. Everything after the intermission in LAWRENCE OF ARABIA is forgettable and a drag.
  13. Alien
    The first hour was awful.
    Suggested by @ljb4201