I tried to do the wsj but I don't have any strong opinions about emojis. .. This was really hard and as you can see i get a little cranky as it goes on. Bj! Youre such a patient interviewee! Original here
  1. In high school did John Krasinski stare into the camera and shrug every so often?
    I have no idea. I made it a point not to socialize with actors in school
  2. What was it like working with Tarantino and the rest of the Basterds cast
    Since as far as I know no member of that crew made it back to civilization alive, I can only assume it was an experience of unparalleled horror. But thankfully we have the document of their great work to honor their sacrifice. Wait, what film are you talking about?
  3. What's @mindy's deepest darkest secret?
    She focus groups her listapp entries every Thursday morning at the Glendale Galleria before posting
  4. How will the film Industry change in the future especially for writers
    If you can type the sentence "gets punched in the face by a giant robot" you'll do fine
  5. Have you lost your mind? Because i can help you find it?
    Let's talk after the show
  6. What is your typical writing process like?
  7. Who is your favorite comedian? What is your favorite joke?
    Whoever's on when they're serving dessert. Anything about in laws.
  8. When did you know you were famous
    From birth. My first memory is being famous
  9. Do people call you Beej?
    For a price
  10. So...was he a hobbit or not?
    Gimme your lunch money, nerd!
  11. Why do you like writing?
    It's sex with someone I love
  12. Do you have any advice for a 20 year old college kid who wants to be a comedy writer in the future?
    Depends, is it too late for your parents to get a refund on their tuition money?
  13. Why do you always look disinterested?
    I'm sorry, were you saying something?
  14. Favorite place to eat in Newton Corner?
    Bj's house!
  15. What is your favorite Beethoven symphony?
    9th duh
  16. What is one thing about yourself that people don't know about you that you wish they did?
    In college circa 1988, there was a party at Smith at which I threw popcorn kernels in the air and caught them in my mouth-26 TIMES IN A ROW!
  17. What is your favorite book?
    Dance to the Music of Time. But you wouldn't like ot, there's no pictures
  18. What is your favorite type of soup?
    Ash at Attari in Westwood is the only soup in America
  19. How is your day going so far?
    Screw you!
  20. Who is your favorite Dora the Explorer character ?
  21. Why is my life hell?
    Give you one guess
  22. Who is your favorite actor?
    Robert Morley
  23. Hey BJ would you like to have dinner tonight?
    Not sure this applies to me but yes can i fax over my orders so it's ready whem i get there