1. Postermat
    Shopping at the postermat at age 10 in 1978 i discovered what it was to be cool. Leafing through "Expose Yourself to Art" posters between displays of turquoise studded coke spoons! Adulthood! I could do this!"
  2. Hamburger Hamlet
    One loberster bisque to rule us all. Now and forever
  3. The original Avco theater
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    The downstairs giant screen. Slept on the sidewalk overnight to see first showing of Empire
  4. Hungry Tiger restaurant
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    see that little brick stump outside the coffee bean on westwood? That was once an elevator that went just one floor up to just one destination. That's how special Hungry Tiger was. It had its own one story elevator. Thats why they called it fine dining once upon a time
  5. The break dance area in front of Hungry Tiger
  6. Westworld arcade
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    I don't know if we literally invented video arcades but I'm willing to say we invented video arcading. Plus i was held up at gunpoint outside it in 87. So a lot of memories
  7. Love Boat Sushi
  8. Ships diner
    With your own toaster at every table!
  9. Tower Records
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  10. Mann National
    We were thrown out for dancing in the aisles at footloose. The irony!
  11. The McDonalds balcony level
    Just about the most underground you could while at McDonalds
  12. Hunters Books
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    Two floors of books! So cool it was a location in Columbo
  13. Bullocks Tea Room
    My God we were fancy
  14. Marios
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    Talk about old world charm!
  15. Frusen Gladje
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    When frozen yogurt was fearless
  16. At Ease
    Sports wear and casual formal for the discerning westwood gentleman
  17. Swensens
    Who's going to sing happy birthday to you in westwood now??
  18. Juniors Deli
    It's still there but the original owners don't own it anymore and things feel different ;(
    Suggested by @mollygarber