@videodrew requested this way back when in the early days. I started but for some reason got distracted. And now draft week is here. What'd I miss @lesleyarfin
  1. Clothing Optional Hall
    There was a naked hall in the dorms. They put it on the top floor so people wouldn't walk in by mistake
  2. Clothing Optional Sauna
    At some point in every Hampshire Students career comes the day when the disregard all warnings and visit the naked sauna. No one is ever the same again.
  3. Mod Shopping
    After you moved out of the dorms you lived in these groups condod called "mods". When your mod ran out of food you'd make a shopping list of everything you needed and wait until about 3 Am and go to the neighboring mods and look in their kitchens to fill your list. Someone somewhere must've been buying food to bring it into this system but I don't really know how that worked
  4. Trip or Treat
    Every Halloween following the ancient traditions of our ancestors the whole school would drop acid. The cafeteria workers woukd dose all the food there and everyone with any sense knew on that magical day that if you didn't want to trip you don't eAt or drink anything you didn't open from a sealed container yourself and then didn't let out of your sight. Duh.