1. The Veterans Day Uprising
    The didn't make it a holiday. Students were outraged and turned to violence
  2. The Pirate Takeover of the School
    The government was giving us a plaque. We were outraged. Someone storm the stage and captured the assembly
  3. Homecoming
    The co homecoming drag queens hold an orgy in the middle of the dance floor with kiko the love doll. Parents are outraged.
  4. The Prom Uprising
    The administration attempts to decree that a senior can't bring a 7th grader as her date. Students are outraged. Attempt to bring down the prom.
  5. The Cabaret revolution
    The administration turns the cabaret into a glitzy celeb packed show. Students are outraged.
  6. What am I forgetting?
  7. The Great Tortilla Takeover
    Protesting the rise of something that bothered them, a group of students commandeered ladders and stormed the roof of the administration building. As students abandonded their classes and raced to cheer on the protest, the beseigers through tortillas to the crowds below as a symbol of something
  8. Portrait of a young assembly interrupter
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  9. Menage a prom
    Class of 86 organizers decreed prom tickets could only be purchased in groups of three. Held the barricades despite violent opposition from administration and parents groups