A few of the ghosts one meets in city
  1. Crunch complex - Sunset/Cres hts: That Over the Rainbow was written there
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    The song came to Harold Arlen while he was driving and he pulled over and ran into Schwabs and wrote it down on a napkin
  2. Across the street from the DGA on Hayworth: Where Scott Fitzgerald died
    At Sheila Grahams apt, leaning against the fireplace eating a chocolate bar
  3. Doheny/Bristol Farms - Formerly Chasens
    At The most glamorous restaurant in Hollywoods golden age guests were greeted by a painting of WC Fields dressed as Queen Victoria. The signature dish was called Hobo Steak - steak wrapped in bacon cooked on one stick of butter-at your table. The Shirley Temple was invented here. (For shirley temple) The Caesar salad was brought to the world. Damnit this really needs to be its owm list
  4. Sunset blvd/hilgard
    In Sunset Blvd. the address given as Norma Desmonds is roughly where the UCLA chancellors house is
  5. The ipic Theater on wilshire in Westwood
    Behind which in the little cemetary Marilyn Monroes lies in a vault.  Along with Dean Martin Natalie Wood and many others.  Also when the theater was the Avco where I camped out to see Empire Strikes Back opening morning
  6. Wilshire near Normandie
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    The original top to Hollywoods official commissary the brown derby now sits in atop a koreatown strip mall
  7. Kingman Drive off santa monica canyon
    Once the home of set designer Cedric Gibbons and his wife Dolores DelRio.  CG designed the original Oscar,  In the house is a niche carved into the wall where the original oscar lived.  CG also designed Gone with the Wind and the guest house - now a separate property - is a mini replica of Tara
  8. Chinese theater
    The term blockbuster was invented at the Chinese Theater, when a line stretched so long it broke though the end of the block. Also if you’re seeing a movie there, look up behind you to the right of the projection booth, and you can see Sid Graumann’s private balcony.  There’s a little alcove attached to it where he had  a bed installed, just in case. Behind it is a party room.  Place for an app meet up?
  9. Ivar in Hollywood- the Knickbocker hotel
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    DW Griffith, Hollywood’s first blockbuster director spent the final years of his life broke and alone, living at the knickerbocker, forgotten by the industry he had done as much as anyone to create.  He suffered  a fatal heart attack on the sidewalk in front Set the template for Hollywood pretty well right there i think. Also i had s very spooky ghost encounter in the cafe that used to be there
  10. McDonalds on Wilshire in Santa Monica
    the OJ Simpson cased gripped this city like no trial in its history.  20 years later nearly every location from that terrible episode is gone.  OJ’s house has been destroyed. Nicole’s condo has been destroyed. The restaurant where Nicole left her glasses on Ron’s table that night is gone. OJ’s lawyer’s daughters are stars eclipsing their father’s one time infamous connection. All that is left is this little all-drive thru McDonald’s where OJ and Kato had one last meal on that fateful night
  11. Messhall Kitchen at Los Feliz & Hillhurst
    Originally a Brown Derby restaurant. Was used for exteriors in the original "Mildred Pierce" and later for the single-camera (and vastly superior) version of "Happy Days."
    Suggested by @notalexreid