1. The Revolution: George Washingtons War by Robert Leckie
    The only work of history on here because had tobhave something for the revolution. Shocking that considering the world capital of entertainment is on America there has never been one single good film about the military side of the revolution (as opposed to the political side). Not one. But this is a highly readable history that shows what incredible courage it took for an uneqipped army sometimes not numbering more than 1500 to defeat the greatest empire on earth.
  2. The War of 1812: The Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton
    Again not a single decent movie about this. Why should they? Hollywood has blown up the White House a million times but the one time it was really destroyed? Anyway a fun song came out of it
  3. The War of 1812: The Star Spangled Banner.
    Yes its the worst national anthem of any decent sized nation. I hear France or russia's and want to kill myself. And yet it remains THE challenge fot our great singers to wrench some tears out of this and so often at that moment when our flag is still there, they do
  4. The Civil War: The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara
    There's not a lot of turning points as stark as this: in the war that would decide the fate of the nation, one battle (Gettysburg) was the decisive turning point; in that battle one stood at the decisive point; and on that hill the sudden decision of one young officer turned the battle. This book brings alive the minds and personalities of those who fought the Americas bloodiest war beautifully
  5. The Civil War: Glory
    Again not a lot of great movies about the actual fighting of the Civil War. Lots of Lincoln movies, very few US Grant movies. This one does the conflict proud however
  6. The wars of the American West: fort Apache and The Searchers
    There is no critique that any postmodern professor of history could make of America is settling of the West that John ford did not deal with in all its subtleties. Anyone who thinks otherwise either hasn't seen his films or is seeing them with too much agenda to paying attention to what's on the screen in front of them
  7. The Great War: A Farewell to Arms
    Book and movie. Not a ton great Great stuff about America's involvement in the great war. Our time there was brief we came in to break the time more or less breaking up Thai cost us a lot of brave troops. But the Hemingway novel in the film starring Gary Cooper capture the world's awakening to this new kind of warfare
  8. The Great War: Over There
    Our best military song by George M Cohan
  9. The Great War: Wings
    Winner of the first Oscar!
  10. WW2: Saving Private Ryan
    Mixed bag in the second half but that opening sequence if you want to know what it was like when those young kids save the world this is as close as you can get
  11. WW2: Memphis Belle
  12. WW2: Fury
    This deserves more attention
  13. WW2: Band of Brothers and The Pacific
  14. WW2: Bridge on the River Kwai
    One American character in it so it counts
  15. WW2: Best Years pf Our Lives
    The most sensitive film ever made about the experience of soldiers coming home from war
  16. Vietnam: Apocalypse Now
    Might not have much to do with the war in the actual sense but captures the spirit of hellish conflict
  17. The Korean Conflict:MASH
    Movie and tv show until BJ Honeycutt ruined it
  18. Vietnam: Full Metal Jacket
    Mostly just lee ermey
  19. Vietnam: The Things They Carried
  20. Vietnam: In the Lake of the Woods
    Haunting book about the wars fallout for those who served
  21. Gulf Wars: The Hurt Locker