All to be followed literally and metaphorically.
  1. There's no place you can't get into if you want to enough
    No place. The only velvet ropes are the ones around your soul.
  2. Stay away from the hysteria
    Wherever everyone is trying to go, nothing good will come to you from joining or even besting them
  3. Always send notes and letters
    When you see someone gets a job, wins a prize, has a birthday, loses someone - send them a note. Don't worry that they won't want to hear from you just send it. And no, likes or comments on a status don't count as notes. Notes are private you animal, if even know what that word means. For chrissakes we used to have to write letters go buy a stamp then wake up the postman to get them delivered. Its so easy now. Stop complaining and do it
  4. If you see something, take it
    Self explanatory. But codicil: if you don't want it, someone else will.