I am fighting for the first you. You take the second. To the death
  1. Keaton vs Chaplin
  2. Col Blake vs Col Potter
  3. The Searchers vs High Noon
  4. 1979 vs 1999
  5. Blazing Saddles vs Some Like It Hot
  6. Ice cream vs frozen yogurt
  7. Cake vs pie
  8. Jesus Christ Superstar vs Rent
  9. Evita vs Rent
  10. Hair vs Rent
  11. Joey vs the other five
  12. Cersei vs any Stark except Arya
  13. King of Comedy vs Goodfellas
  14. Kinks vs the who
  15. Kinks vs led zeppelin
  16. Sammy vs Dean
  17. Second City vs SNL
  18. Verdun vs The Somme
  19. (Hitler vs Stalin) vs all other topics
  20. Anthony Powell vs Proust (maybe not to the death on that one)
  21. Devils vs Brothers K
  22. Spaghetti carbonara vs all food
  23. One perfectly sculpted hair on los angeles head vs all of new york