1. When the gates open up will i say "oh my god what have i done" and go back and delete half my lists?
  2. How long until the first buzzfeeder (current) steps foot on these shores?
  3. Will all 800 of them follow milliseconds later?
  4. Will they then pathologically all relist every list of all 800, tweet to each other about their lists, copy lists from here into their children's book template and listapp each other until they throw up?
  5. Has anyone hooked up via listapp yet?
  6. How long will the no goyim policy hold?
  7. Will i find the answer to what is the total number of lists i have in me?
  8. How many staffers will each 2016 Presidential campaign devote to servicing the campaign's listapp account?
  9. If we cure cancer collectively on a list via suggestions do we all get to split the money?
  10. What is the sell by date before someone privately messages me and says, "seriously enough with the get off my lawn schtick.Ive had enough"