1. The pre-show entertainment that begins before the lights go down
    Which is all things no one would watch if they had a choice in the matter played volume that makes conversation impossible What happened to trivia questions?
  2. Endless endless trailers
    I realize most people like seeing trailers (i don't) but i have clocked the trailer time at 25 minutes at some theaters. That's longer than a sitcom episode you're sitting there while they show you ads
  3. The millennial sitting next to you will always always take out his/her phone
    Extensively on this topic so I won't go down this road again suffice it to say if you do this your sub human and should be deprived of all your civil rights and live your life in a giant pack and play with food and toys thrown in at you
  4. People talking
    No one in the world knows how to keep their yaps shut for two seconds anymore
  5. And i will be the only one shushing or telling people to shut their damn phones
    No one but me says anything now. No one. Some idiot 22 year old is ruining a night our for hundreds but not one of them will risk looking uncool by saying anything. How did the weight of enforcing standards of entire civilization fall on my shoulders?
  6. The fancy premium theaters are filled with yuppie hipsters who think they're at a rave in ibezia
  7. Hipster knowing snickers
  8. In conclusion: mostly hipsters
  9. Sitting next to an old guy that got there 20 minutes early to stew about hipsters and milennials
    Suggested by @db