Im biased but ive seen it three times now and think its very possibly the best music documentary ever made
  1. Its the first documentary about an artist that truly shows the experience from inside his mind via his creations
    Many many claim to do this but none really attempt to except in flashy superficial was. Filmmaker Brett Morgen had access to an incredible trove of material created by cobain and used these not to illustrate the story but guide the journey into kurts psyche.
  2. Its the first film to capture how at the heart of the grunge era was pure nihilism
  3. It elevates your appreciation for the artistry...
    20 years later i could live without ever hearing any grunge era music again, nirvana included. Its a very "you had to have been there" sound to me. But been listening nonstop since seeing. Shows me the pure energy behind it, the creative intelligence and tge desperate cry for help that the music was a pure embodiment of
  4. Without glamourizing the subject
    And really i do think of music docs this film is alone in not coming at it from the fawnimg fans perspective that they all fall into. If you think after seeing this that kurt and courtneys life is any way glamorous or attractive you need to talk to someone about that asap
  5. And honoring kurt by showing who he really was
    Which franky was an artistic savant but a very unpleasant personality. I don't think he utters one non sarcastic or air quotes line in the film. Look for him ever acknowledging any if the rest of the band is in the room with him other than being annoyed by them. Very broken person but that didn't come out in a nice way
  6. Courtney and Kurts mother
    Look for the similarities in appearance, voice, mannerisms. Film underlines that by shooting them in very similar way but it explains much
  7. Its the story of the X Generation
    The only true outcast generation. Raised in immediate wreckage of old America - broken homes, latchkey childhoods, etc to grow up to believe in nothing but mockery. Many of my gen eventually pulled it together as best they could. But many did not. kurt was one of those