There are two major stories from which all genres are descended:Cruise Ship and Clubhouse. "Save our clubhouse" or "lets go ln a cruise". Here are the greats if the cruise ship tales that are actually set in ships not just metaphorically
  1. The Aubrey Mataurin series by Patrick O'Brian
    Which are probably the best books or art ever created
  2. Captain Blood
    Best errol flynn; best pirate movie
  3. Anything Goes
    Best cruise ship musical
  4. The Love Boat
    Set your course for adventure!
  5. The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex
    Gripping !
  6. The Odyssey
    It holds up! More action than Iliad. A rare sequel better than part one
  7. Mutiny on the Bounty
    Charles Laughton vs Marlon Brando! What more do you want?
  8. Sir Patrick Spens
    Best medieval ballad. "O who is it has done this deed/This ill deed done to me/To send me out this time o yar/To sail upon the sea" Just put that on my tombstone
  9. Apocalypse Now/Heart of Darkness
    Okay you got me. Technically this is river faring not seafaring but its on a boat enough that im willing to look the other wAy on that
  10. Das boot
    Contender for all time war movies top 10. Best submarine movie certainly
  11. Kon Tiki doc and drama
    Goddamn crazy Norweigans
  12. The final act of Jaws
  13. Fiddlers Green
    Best sea shanty
  14. Dreadnought
    Best book about the making of modern naval warfare
  15. Moby Dick
    Suggested by @louisa
  16. Outerbridge Reach
    By Robert Stone
    Suggested by @ChrisK