A truly lost art form like illuminated manuscripts
  1. Celebrity
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    Three friends, now famous: one terrible secret. Michael Beck's turn as televangelist TJ Luther is the performance of a lifetime
  2. Lace
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    "Which one of you bitches is my mother?" By a mile the greatest logline in the history of art
  3. Rich Man, Poor Man
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    The mini that started it all. Nick Nolte's Tom Jordache still stands as the titleholder of mini bad guys. But honestly, once you have the inspiration to make an eighth hour show about two brothers named Tom and Rudy Jordache, everything else just takes care of itself
  4. The Thorn Birds
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    Forbidden love- the great concern of miniseries- at its forbiddeniest.
  5. Shogun
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    Miniseries goes to Japan! Stranger in a strange land is the # 2 favorite topic of hreat minis
  6. North and South
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    Brother v brother! Also acting has never been able to recapture the heights of double barelled madness that Kirstie Alley's performance as possessed abolitionist Virgilia Hazard
  7. Upstairs Downstairs
    The original
  8. Hollywood Wives
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    Roddy McDowell as the head of a male escort agency catering to lonely women named Jason Swankle. Why don't they write characters like that today??
  9. The Winds of War!
    Suggested by @MaryMeltonLA