Early Grunge at least circa Circa 1986 - mid 88. Its a lost civilization but one that coukd teach us so much. I bear witness
  1. Dating
    Dating, dates. These were words from the 50's like sock hop. People would hook up and if they did that more than a couple times they coukd be said to be "hanging out"
  2. Exercise
    A couple weirdos you knew might be the types who secretly woke up at 4 AM to practice discus throwing. They were special cases, usually people who got sober when they were 14 Or aspiring nuclear physicists also training for the olympics.
  3. Motivation
    What are you some kind of Reagan youth?
  4. Enthusiasm.
    Rah rah. Go team. Nothing was less cool then being excited about something. We'd spend entire nights debating where to go to dinner because no one wanted to be the one who actually wanted to go someplace
  5. Goals
    Why don't you pick out a retirement golf sweater while you're at it
  6. Computers
    You had one friend who had one and when he was away for the you'd play tetris on it
  7. Phones
    There was the hall phone if you needed it but easier to just run in to people
  8. Causes
    Movements campaigns candidates charities- almost as boring as being alive
  9. Mornings
  10. Sizes
    Everything was one size out of a bin at goodwill