Rightly or wrongly!
  1. Calling me "bro"
  2. Using flavored coffee creamers
  3. Being a millenial
    I'm sorry. I know you're better than the rest of them but it can't be helped. Let's check back in 15 years
  4. Militant atheist
  5. Puts Ketchup on hot dogs
    Has the entire world gone mad
  6. Makes speeches about political anything in Facebook
    Yeah, good for you
  7. If they like things or express enthusiasm
    I know it's against the giving spirit of the times. But im from the grunge era where we were trained that liking anything was the first step on the road to facism. Hitler liked a lot of things too
  8. Staring at cellphone out in public
    Yeah im probably doing it too but that doesn't mean I won't judge you for it
  9. Any selfie ever
  10. Ever using the word selfie ever
    Even this time. By me
  11. Claiming not to like dessert
  12. Having any food restrictions that are not doctor ordered
    And i said docor ordered not doctor suggested
  13. Taking money to write about film or TV if you aren't fluent in the greats pre 1980
    This describes most of the people who write about film and TV on websites now. Actually I need a separate list about things that turn me against my fellow journalists
  14. Making speeches to my face about how ignorant/horrible/evil/stupid people on tge other side of the political divide are without even bothering to check first what side Im on
  15. Being someone who is at disneyland on a very very crowded day when Im there with my kids
    I so apologize for the things Ive thought about you
  16. Being a member of the the Stark family who is not arya
    What a bunch of drips
  17. Being George RR Martin and sitting calmly at breakfast at the four seasons reading the newspaper like you hadn't a care in the world when you should be home writing two more books
    This happened. Im still not over it
  18. Spelling Nazis/comma-Semi-colon Nazis
    And hows YOUR well spelled book coming?
  19. Anyone who even glances at their phone in a movie theater
    This one is no joke. Do it around me and you've made an enemy for life you animal
  20. Posting most tweets
    Im not against it per se but maybe if we could all just do it 99 percent less. Or if the top 1 percent most frequent tweeters coukd take a few years off
  21. Smokers who throw their butts on the sidewalk or street.
    But also smokers (mostly), in general.
    Suggested by @EricElkins
  22. Complaining about "no changes or substitutions" in a fine dining sitch
    Leonardo isn't going to change the Mona Lisa cause you prefer blondes so LET THE CHEF DO HIS/HER THING, that person is a PRO and knows better than you. Or don't come to this restaurant if that's how you roll. Go on down to Subway and they can make it exactly the way you like it.
    Suggested by @lindsinger
  23. Speaking about astrology seriously.
    For example, as a way to look at a situation or solve a problem. It's demeaning to us both that you think that's even remotely reasonable.
    Suggested by @evanp
  24. Feel the need to be in any way- even silently- even with just a flutter of an eyelid judgy about whatever I enjoy watching on TV. WHY MUST YOU?
    Suggested by @LJ