Thank you @MissBicks On my site we're debating whats the best film year of the past 50. There 2 mega decades in film the 30s and the 70s. But impossible pick just 10.
  1. Nashville
    Robert Altman is the most important director of our era. If you look at independent film today impossible to imagine without him. Far more scorsese. In his movies either everything comes together abd blends for perfection or the soufflé just lays flat. This film is in the former category. Further Altman 70's viewing: MASH McCabe and mrs miller, a wedding
  2. The Exorcist
    All time #1 horror movie
  3. Jaws
    Just about a perfect movie. Further 70s Spielberg: Close Encounters
  4. The Last Picture Show
    Further Bogdonovich: paper moon
  5. The Godfather
    I mean yes. And don't believe those people who say Godfather 2 is better. They just got hung up on the schoolboy marxism when they were in 11th grade
  6. Blazing Saddles
    Maybe the funniest movie ever made. Young Frankestein comes very very close
  7. Shampoo
  8. Smile
    I listed this comedy aoa beauty pageant as the film id force my friends to see at gunpoint because i know anyone would love it. THIS is what the 70's were like.
  9. Taxi Driver
    More fun than mean streets
  10. Animal House
    Best college film ever made
  11. All That Jazz
    Very hard to pick which fosse. But this film is like nothing else ever made. That last 40 mins - boy. Id put against any 40 mins in all of film. Further Fosse: Lenny, Cabaret
  12. Apocalypse Now
    There will never ever ever again be a movie like this
  13. Annie Hall
    The facts about his life don't erase the magic of this film. Further 70s Allen: love and death, bananas, manhattan
  14. Continued viewing
    The heartbreak kid, willy wonka, silent runnings, dont look now, soylent green, all the presidents meb, chinatown, barry lyndon, carrie, star wars, the spy who loved me , alien, dawn of the dead, breaking away, sorcerer, the french connection
  15. So many more should be on this list but that should get your 70s viewing party going.
  16. The Conversation
    Suggested by @notalexreid
  17. Manhattan
    Suggested by @notalexreid
  18. Badlands
    I'm no cinephile, but I know what I like--and I was blown away by the acting and the cinematography. Plus baby Sissy Spacek and baby Martin Sheen!
    Suggested by @daniellenuss