1. Montage of Heck
  2. Ha ha rain! Made you look!
    LA weather report fakes everyone out
  3. Scientist being held prisoner in siberia on the Americans who writes letters to his son.
    He haunts me more than anyone else in this show
  4. Watching peoples route in progress on Uber when they are coming to meet you
    And only being slightly alarmed that two years from now we will be able to watch our friends little pins move around on maps all day long all the time
  5. Dave Thomas doing Bob Hope
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    The best celebrity impression in history. He would do these 30 min interviews as Bob Hope on sctv and there weren't even jokes. He was just being bob hope. I could watch forever. Apologies to anyone under 40 who had to read this
  6. Bludsos brisket
    Yesterday's Rank:NA
  7. Gallipoli
    Such an important battle in so many ways. 100 years ago today. For ill- senseless waste of life on an epic scale, sparked the armenian genocide. For good - gave Austrailia and New Zealand a sense of national identity apart from Britain. The song The Band Played Waltzing Matilda The movie - gallipoli. And sidebar - Rupert Murdochs father was the young reporter who brought the battles to the world's attention. Sparking his career and the beginning of the Murdoch empire. Alot for 1 battle!
  8. @videodrew coming to 3rd Street and ending up in Burbank
    New yorkers are adorable!
  9. Mel Rodriguez
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    Editing my interview with him now. LOVE him. And he madr me cry with his story. Obsessed.
  10. Montage of Heck
    See it. Now
  11. Preview item: Renaissance Faire
    Taking son this weekend