1. This re: Liana
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  2. Montage of Heck
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  3. Watching TV with the captions turned on so I can understand what people with accents and slang are saying now that I'm 100
  4. Kirsten Dunsts birthday
  5. Wearing black tomorrow to protest Wes Andersons birthday
  6. Wolf Hall
    Related to # 3
  7. Taking my son for a walk around UCLA at Twilight on a hot LA night
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    And then watching him play with a vending machine for 30 mins
  8. This Phillipino student dance troop who's rehearsal kept my son mesmerized fot an hour
  9. The inverted fountain by night
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  10. The 25 year old woman in a white BMW who was behind me the whole way to work screaming at someone om the phone the entire way. She was a genius. I turned off my radio just to watch. I want to coordinate my commute with her. How can we get her on listapp?
  11. Bonus "it was ordered by the king!"
  12. Bonus two: believing my math that a large white rice poke bowl from mainland is only 7 points