1. Native Angelenos against the Los Angeles Renaissance
  2. Zankou garlic sauce
    Cant be honored too often
  3. Celebrating World Press Freedom Day by sending bad vibes to all the writers who signed the anti Charlie Hebdo petition
    You broke my heart junot diaz
  4. My 1 year old daughtet entering her pointing stage
  5. The new people on listapp
    As a matter of principle I always hate the new people and don't understand why they should be allowed anywhere. But weve got some really good ones ive found today
  6. Montage of Heck
    Tomorrow night on hbo
  7. Going to my first party of 2015
    A friends 50th. A big number! so had to get a sitter. Being around three dozen people at one time. Its like woodstock crashed into cannes and swallowed the Kentucky derby
  8. The cultural moments i sat out this weekend
    The avengers, the fight, commentary on the fight, whatever people were angry about on Twitter- l did just fine without me. And i wish them well
  9. The 7 shows that aired tonight that I'm really excited to watch
  10. Processing very confused feelings about Lettermans retirement