1. Stannis Baratheon
    What a comeback! Who ever thought you'd want this mopey old drip as your king much less as your dad! But I do! Stannis is the Mannis!
  2. Last Man from finale
    Surprisingly touching!
  3. Soft shell crab po boy from the gumbo pot
    Which reminds me i owe
  4. From Under Ben Bulben by wb yeats
    Irish poets, learn your trade,/sing whatever is well made/scorn the sort now growing up/all out of shape from toe to top
  5. Fuck This Shit by Jack Black
    From a high school musical by brett morgen. http://bit.ly/1DPWicv
  6. Topanga
    According to @Z this was the name of a veru popular character on a show in the 90s And no one knew why she was named that! Delightful! All millenial icons should be named after LA streets!
  7. Have no idea how much avengers made and whether that is better or worse than last avengers
  8. Fallons musical intro for jack black is fuck this shit!!!
    Holy crap! How did that happen
  9. Peggy roller skating while Roger played organ in the empty office
    I didn't believe the scene for a second but it looked fun
  10. Roger Sterlings moustache