things that are not funny. this is not funny, it kinda made me sad when I wrote this
    this is a given
    these first two "jokes" are in all caps because THEY MUST BE SCREAMED apparently
  3. most trends created by the internet
    they become horrible after like 4 uses
  4. toast
    this song really upsets me because it's only funny because it's a guy screaming about an arbitrary, unimportant thing (this is really mean but it's a part of my list)
  5. YouTube
    ok this one is sad. YouTube is ruining comedy because it's turning into grown adults tasting water on camera and trying to guess what brand it is, categorizing that video under comedy, and then getting millions of views (and also millions of dollars.) there are some comedians on YouTube who are funny, but the number of talentless people outweigh the number of actual comedians.
  6. self deprecation
    I don't like it when people put themselves down. I like it even less when people laugh at them when they do that, when people think self deprecation is funny. they are encouraging self hatred
  7. swearing
    I swear a lot, I swear all over the place, but if you swear only to be funny, only because you think it's funny, it's probably not funny.
  8. relatable Twitter accounts
    I don't understand the appeal.