Mass shootings....why is this even a thing?!
  1. I know that the Florida governor didn't want this to happen, but the fact that he has loosened all the gun control laws in his state to make a mass shooting not only possible but probable well then, this blood is on you.
  2. The Florida governor has told me the best thing I can do for families and victims is to pray. Pray?! Seriously? We prayed the last 10 times our kids got shot in a place where they were just you know living... Praying doesn't work, you must actually DO SOMETHING!
  3. Nowhere on earth is there a need for anyone I know or anyone they know or anyone in six degrees of them to have a need for an assault weapon in civilian life. NO ONE. If they say they need it, they are delusional and shouldn't have a squirt gun let alone an assault weapon.
  4. Love only wins if you take away assault weapons. Stop with the feel goods and your Facebook hearts and put your money where your mouth is. Don't vote for these assholes who let our children be mowed down in seconds by assault weapons. Better yet shame anyone with your Facebook power that supports the NRA.
  5. If you are a hunter, good for you. I'm not trying to take your hunting rifle away. Let's not get this confused, if you want an assault weapon to mow down a herd of bison, that's not hunting, that's just putting your finger on a trigger. Go hunt to your jerky loving content, just don't allow our children to be massacred. Can we agree on that much?
  6. If you're on the no fly list you shouldn't be allowed to buy a gun.
  7. If the FBI interview twice about terrorism you shouldn't be allowed to buy a gun.
  8. If you beat your wife you shouldn't be allowed to buy a gun.
  9. In all three of the above scenarios if you allow that person to buy a gun don't let it be an assault weapon that make a mass shooting possible, let it be a revolver like Mr. Plum in the game of Clue or a musket which was the most powerful weapon when the second amendment was ratified.
  10. Don't tell me that a gun doesn't kill people by itself. I know that, don't state the obvious in a ludicrous argument that doesn't hold a drop of water. Give a crazy person, a terrorist, a vigilante a pocket knife, nunchucks, a revolver, a freaking sword, he's not going into a club or a first grade classroom and taking out all of them. Nope.
  11. We have a terrorism problem.
  12. We have a gun problem
  13. The two above points are not mutually exclusive and the mass shootings are a result of both. Don't point to one and ignore the other.