Dance recital 2016 is in the Books. 3 costume changes, a broken toe and a ton of glitter and eye shadow.
  1. When glitter is involved, expect at least one child crying in the bathroom as their mom shoves their eye under running water hoping to prevent blindness
  2. When glitter is involved, expect it to be all over you and your clothes for all of eternity.
  3. When glitter is involved expect the little toddlers to try to pick it up on the stage rather than doing their dance.
  4. Who the hell invented glitter?!
  5. Add to the list of impossible tasks: put tap shoes on 7 year olds and then tell them to be quiet.
  6. With multiple costume changes, expect to misplace at least three hair pieces, sparkly gloves and ballet shoes. Because who needs ballet shoes at a dance show?!
  7. Drag queens got nothin' on kids dance show make-up. That power washer isn't just meant for the deck anymore.
  8. When the dance teacher's 5 year old daughter is in1,500 numbers you feel deep sorrow in your heart for her and for her mom when she's 8 and throws away her ballet shoes and takes up motor-cross.
  9. When her dance teacher revises the dance number to accommodate your nine year old's broken toe just so she can participate, your faith in humanity is actually restored. And when you witness her broken heart magically mended, your heart is touched beyond compare.
  10. Watching your kids on stage, killing it—no words to describe the pride and euphoria you feel.