One Villanovan's Guide to the Mainline Bars
  1. Erin Pub
    Sometimes there are townies but they don't usually bite. Can't beat the deals, dollar shot nights, $4 shot of Jim Beam with a Lionshead.
  2. Kelly's
    Three floors but the third floor is seldom open. Deals aren't great but it's cleaner than the other places most nights. Kind of place that you can tell your mom you drink at and she won't be scared for your life, but it's still fun.
  3. The Grog
    A little further down the road, but it can be worth the trek on certain nights. Tied for best food during the day with Kelly's. Don't remember which night but they have $2 Long Island Iced Teas and RBVs. Biggest downside is the only bathroom is downstairs.
  4. Flip & Bailey's
    Quizzo on Wednesday's is fun but it's pretty out of the way for a Friday or Saturday night out, so it's only ever crowded with underage kids or Quizzo players. Kitchen is open during Quizzo with cheap pitchers of Bud Light.
  5. Maloney's
    Everyone tells you they're friends with the bartenders here. This is a bar you will just wind up in at some point and you'll wonder why. Cheap Bud Light tall boys until midnight. Not the worst place in the world, nothing to write home about. Always easier to get a beer at the back bar.
  6. Unranked: Ardmore Music Hall (Formerly Brownie's)
    You will go to this bar maybe 5 times. It's fun but they have to shuttle people there on buses from the other bars. Big place and sometimes they have a band, even better sometimes they have a buffet earlier in the night. One of your friends will win an open bar event here at some point. Would be ranked on the list if it were closer.
  7. Unranked: Tip O'Leary's
    Used to be more of a townie bar, but last I heard it got the brunt of the underage crowd that roams around the mainline so I'm sure it gets sloppy. Also would be ranked on the list if it were closer to school.
  8. Unranked: Yang Ming Happy Hour
    Awesome if you live near he restaurant. Used to have free food if you bought a drink at the bar on Fridays around 5pm. Don't know if it exists ever since the cockroach infestation
  9. Unranked: Gullifty's Happy Hour
    Cheap appetizers and the food quality is higher than any other bar. Not a place you can really go out at night even though there's a bar. Cocktail menu.