It's been panned by critics, here are some things I hated about it (there were more but I've already started blanking it from my memory)
  1. The ill thought out opening titles
    What was that font? Why was it all in the same weight? Why was it all over the screen?
  2. The pointless repetition of the Bruce Wayne origin story
  3. Batman's cheesy opening gambit with Superman
  4. The way Ben Affleck says 'Luthor'
  5. Henry Cavill's serious face looks like he just sharted
  6. The embarrassingly blatant product placement
    Even in the dialogue "I checked your Dropbox"
  7. Batman's 'steampunk' desert outfit
    Trying too hard to be Mad Max
  8. Batman's regular outfit (that looks more like a ninja turtle)
    Incidentally the film was preceded by the trailer for the sequel to that. Looks like another miss...
  9. That Jesse Eisenberg was a more convincing villain in The Double than this
  10. Coincidentally, the soundtrack sounded like it ripped off The Double more than once
    Hans Zimmer, why did you even go near this film?! Though I'm glad you did a half-arsed job of it
  11. Way too many dream sequences
  12. The Nolan-lite ending
    Yes I know he was supposedly Executive Producer (though I don't see how), but still...
  13. That I'll never get those 2.5 hours of my life back